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COLA - CiteScore: 5.2     Impact Factor: 2.2    

Journal of Computer Languages (COLA)

Following the merger of Computer Languages, Systems and Structures with the Journal of Visual Languages and Computing in 2018, we are excited to present the Journal of Computer Languages, a single publication which covers all areas of computer languages.
The Journal of Computer Languages (COLA) welcomes papers on all aspects of the design, implementation, and use of computer languages (specification, modelling, programming; textual or visual) and human-centric computing, from theory to practice. Most papers describe original technical research, but the journal also welcome empirical studies and survey articles.

IJCIS      ISSN (print): 0218-8430 | ISSN (online): 1793-6365     Impact Factor: 1.5     

International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems.

The paradigm for the next generation of information systems (ISs) will involve large numbers of ISs distributed over large, complex computer/communication networks. Such ISs will manage or have access to large amounts of information and computing services and will interoperate as required. These support individual or collaborative human work. Communication among component systems will be done using protocols that range from conventional ones to those based on distributed AI. We call such next generation ISs Cooperative Information Systems (CIS). The International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems (IJCIS) addresses the intricacies of cooperative work in the framework of distributed interoperable information systems. It provides a forum for the presentation and dissemination of research covering all aspects of CIS design, requirements, functionality, implementation, deployment, and evolution.